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Banned Wolf

Names and GID's of all that is banished and why.

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Fri 03 Feb, 2012 11:37 pm

  • This particular ban is a tricky one. Wolf has been a regular for quite some time and I'm not calling him a cheater, but his key is being used by many, one in particular is an aimbotter. There's no way to stop one without stopping all of them. If you're reading this wolf, you need to get another UT2004 key in order to play again. Your current key is either a public (warez) key, or you gave it to a few of your friends, in which at least one is an aimbotter. Please reply to this and we'll work with you in getting reastablished on the POL (Playground Of Legends) server.



    As you can see below, the same GUID number is being used, but totally different ip addreses.

    Wolf ,7 , ,59323 ,9636 ,d918c03e2bb4a45ccc99131d630d9274 New York
    My_Prez_is_Black ,8 , ,59987 ,10000 ,d918c03e2bb4a45ccc99131d630d9274 (Cheater-Aimbot) Arizona
    Illegal_Wetback ,9 , ,62362 ,10000 ,d918c03e2bb4a45ccc99131d630d9274 (Cheater-Aimbot) Arizona
    stvnndrw ,13 , ,63560 ,9636 ,d918c03e2bb4a45ccc99131d630d9274 Ohio

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